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Metropolitan League



These are club-sponsored events.  Contributing $1 to coffee/donuts each match is appreciated.


Please remember that ALL Capitol City members are welcome AND ENCOURAGED to shoot with the team.  It is a fun activity that will increase your skill level with a handgun.  Your score cannot hurt the team only help!  All you need is a .22 caliber pistol and a learning attitude; in fact all you need is a learning attitude.  Pretty much any member of the pistol team will be happy to loan there target pistol to you to use.  


Come down an enjoy the club and the pistol team shooting experience.




7:00 PM



10 Rounds Slow Fire, NMC (National Match)
10 Timed-Fire
10 Rapid-Fire
(22-Caliber Lead Bullets Only)



Top 5 scores for the club 'place' for that match.



Proper and ear protection are required on the range at all times.  Proper firearm safety is also expected and strictly enforced.



Coffee, donuts/cookies are available - money contributions are appreciated.  Soda/water is available at current club prices.



From October to March the Eagle-Beaver 900 shoots on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.  Range closes at 5:30 to members.


The Police League shoots on Wednesday nights, but NOT every Wednesday night.  Watch the web site for their schedule.


When the pistol team shoots a HOME/TUESDAY night match the range is closed to the membership beginning at 7:00 PM until the match ends at about 10:00 PM.


Click here for Met League, Eagle Beaver & Police League schedules.