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People interested in joining Capitol City should email their contact information (full name, email address, phone, and club sponsor’s name, if you have one) to bryan.capcity@gmail.com.  Upon receipt, your name will be placed on the club’s waiting list and when it comes to the top, you will be contacted with the steps you need to take to begin the membership process.  Individuals must have a valid CT State Pistol Permit and must also belong to or join the National Rifle Association.  Prospective applicants should, if at all possible, be sponsored by a current Capitol City member.  After receiving an invitation to join, the prospective member will be ushered through the membership process by the Executive Officer.  The decision to issue membership is at the sole discretion of the Executive Officer.


While a member of Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club, each person must maintain a valid CT State Pistol Permit.  The loss of your permit will terminate your membership.  Capitol City is a 100% participation club in the NRA.  A portion of your annual dues goes to the NRA to purchase our liability insurance.  Failure to maintain membership in the NRA will terminate your membership at Capitol City.


Before being accepted as a member of Capitol City, applicants will be asked to demonstrate their competence with a .22 caliber handgun to the Executive Officer.  This demonstration is intended to show your ability to hit a standard target at 50’ feet and your familiarity with etiquette and safety procedures on the firing line.  Prior competitive shooting experience or previous completion of the NRA Pistol Course, may be acceptable substitutes for the competency requirement.  Should the applicant wish to shoot center-fire handguns at the club in addition to .22 caliber, they must demonstrate competence with a center-fire handgun in the presence of a club officer.  After this they will become “center-fire qualified”.

New members of Capitol City are urged to attend the Annual Meeting in January or the Business Meeting in October during their first year of membership.

After an applicant is accepted for membership, they will have 24 hour access to the club year round.  Entry into the club is made via a 5 digit personal code number entered into a keypad at the rear door of the clubhouse.  All that is asked is that you treat the club with the respect that it deserves, and that you OBEY all range safety rules.  Capitol City has an untarnished safety record since 1963 and we intend to keep it so.

There is a one time initiation fee of $ 150.00.  Annual dues are $ 95.00 per year.  Dues are payable each year beginning October 15th and no later than December 15th.